In the event you need to evacuate your home for any reason (fire, flood, earthquake, chemical spill, civil unrest, etc ),  you will be suffering from a tremendous amount of anxiety.  If you are only given minutes to gather your belongings and get out, what would you grab?  Most likely you would grab the wrong things and then remember after it is to late.  So, now while you are thinking straight, make an Evacuation Check list.  This list should be in order of importance based on the amount of time you will have to evacuate. Also include the location of each item so anyone can find them.  Remember, in a high stress moment, even the calmest person may have trouble remembering where everything is located.
   You should have your list posted in a location that is easy to find and where your whole family can get to it. For example a good location might be attached to the inside of one of your kitchen cabinet doors or a dresser drawer.   In the event you would have to evacuate, you or someone you designate will go retrieve the list.  Then you start at the top of the list and gather the items in order as they appear.  You will continue to gather items on the list until your time runs out, thus insuring that you collected all the correct items.
   It is a good idea to update you list every 6 months at the same time you update your 5 Day Survival Kit.  Below is a copy of a basic Check List.

LEVEL 1- rapid emergency evacuation:
1.       Passports & birth certificates,  Small fire file with important documents (Fire Box)
2.       Medications (pantry)
3.       As much food as possible (pantry)
4.       Loaded back packs, 5 day kits (pantry)
5.       Basic Clothes (closet)
6.       Scriptures / hymn book (5 day kit)
7.       Silver & cash, valuables (red box)
8.       Wallet & Keys, purses (various)
9.       Address books (kitchen)
10.   Flash light/ head lights / lanterns (various)
11.   Gas cans, Propane (garage)
12.   Water, 5 gallon bottles & water containers (garage)
13.   Sleeping bags, pillows, 1 warm blanket per person (closet)
14.   2-Towels each person (bathroom)
15.   Camp stoves & black camp boxes (garage)
16.   Tents (garage)
17.   Tarps, large and small (various)
18.   First aid kit(s) big one (garage) small (pantry)
19.   Guns, ammo & knives (closet)
20.   Photo negatives, home movies (hall cabinet)
21.   Eye glasses, sun glasses (truck & closet)
22.   Duffel bag with clothes & shoes/ socks (closet)
23.   Work gloves (garage)
24.   Toilet paper (house)
25.   Toilet seat and 5 gal bucket/ plastic bags (garage)
26.   Basic tools (garage)
27.   Extra Back packs (garage)
28.   Computer & lap top & zip drives & Scanner printer (office)
29.   Portable hard drives, back up hard drives, router (office, closet)
30.   I Pod & chords (various)
31.   Watch (closet)
32.   Cameras (various)
33.   CD’s, DVD’s , A few books to read (various)
34.   TV w/ DVD player, laptop will work if no time (various)
35.   5 gal Buckets  (various)
36.   Pet & food (garage)
37.   2 way radios (office)
38.   Re-chargeable batteries (various)
39.   All keys (various)
40.   Kitchen utensils (kitchen)
41.   Hand Tools (garage)
42.   Snow shovel (storage shed)
43.   Extensions chords (garage)
44.   3x5 cards/ pens / paper (office)
45.   Small shovel/ax/saw (garage)
46.   Blood pressure machine (mas. Bath)
47.   Walking Sticks (office)
48.   Ropes (garage)
49.   Cots, ground pads, air mattresses (garage)
50.   Hand Soap, detergent, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide (pantry/bath)
51.   Battery Chargers (various)
52.   Tin foil, salt and spices, saran wrap, plastic bags (kitchen)
53.   Plastic trash bags (garage)
54.   Large zip lock bags (kitchen)
55.   Roll of 6 mil visqueen (storage shed)
56.   Duct tape / all purpose glue (garage)
57.   2 decks of playing cards, checkers (hall cabinet)
58.   Small solar or crank radio (5 day kit)
59.   Seed banks and proto grow fertilizer (pantry)
60.   Small fire extinguisher (garage)
61.   Folding Camp shovel/saw (garage)
62.   Small sewing kit (5 day kit)
63.   Bags of charcoal briquettes (garage)
64.   Small broom and dust pan (garage)
65.   Wash board and bucket
66.   Insect repellent (camp gear)
67.   Sun tan lotion (5 day kit)
68.   Lantern(s) with fuel (camp gear)
69.   Folding camp chairs (garage)
70.   Water filter (5 day kit)
71.   Coffee filters for water
72.   Multi tool(s)
73.   Binoculars (closet)
74.   Hair cutting scissors (garage)
75.   Mole skin (first aid kit)
76.   Shampoo (bath)
77.   Chain saw/ ax / splitter awl (garage)
78.   Finger nail clippers (bath)
79.   Tooth picks (kitchen)
80.   Dust masks / bandanna(s) (garage)
81.   Clothes pins and clothes line

1.      1 warm jacket (Ski)
2.      1 light jacket or sweater or sweatshirt
3.      5 pair socks, warm, regular
4.      5 under wear, garments
5.      1 belt, durable, suspenders
6.      1 pair heavy shoes (hiking boots), 1 normal shoes,
7.      1 pair snow boots
8.      1 pair sandals
9.      1 pair warm slipper socks
10.   Shoe traction pull on
11.   1 rain gear, poncho, umbrella
12.   1 snow pants
13.   2 warm hat and gloves
14.   1 sun hat
15.   4 pairs Jeans, long pants
16.   2 pair shorts
17.   4 shirts, long sleeve, short sleeve, warm
18.   1 swimming suit
19.   1 warm pajamas or sweat suit
20.   2 pair thermal under ware/sweat pants
21.   2 bath towels
22.   10 large plastic bags
23.   Woman’s accessories
24.   2 pair sun glasses
25.   Knee or other braces
26.   ACE bandage


1.      Plates, bowls, cups, utensils for 4 to 8 people, lexan
2.      Cooking kit; frying pan, medium pot, large pot, non stick, coffee pot
3.      Dutch oven
4.      Hand can opener
5.      Salt and pepper shaker- lexan
6.      Cooking utensils, fork, large spoons, spatula, knives, lexan, s.s. wisp
7.      Stove; crisis cooker, camp fire grill, barbecue (propane will run out fast)
8.      Water containers, bucket,
9.      Dish Soap, dish towels, nylon scrubber pads, washing bucket
10.   Drying towels
11.   1 Measuring cup
12.   2-Pot holders
13.   Coffee filters (for water)
14.   Matches
15.   Outdoor cover for cooking area; tarp or portable canopy (camouflaged)
16.   Table light weight, portable
17.   Wheat grinder
18.   Charcoal Briquettes, 10 bags
19.   Water filter
20.   Small cutting board, nylon, plastic or wood
21.   Pot holders
22.   Fly swatter


1.      Turn off all lights except one.
2.      Unplug all chords
3.      Make sure all appliances are off.
4.      Set thermostat to 40 degrees
5.      Cover windows if necessary
6.      Consider pets, adopt out or take with you?
7.      Lock garage doors
8.      Lock all doors
9.      Turn off water and gas lines to water heater.
10.   Turn off the main water supply to the house.
11.   Turn off all electrical breakers except for breaker with one light on and furnace power.
12.   Shut fire place chimney flue
13.   Turn off gas logs, ranges or other gas appliance’s, except furnace.
14.   Leave house info with neighbor or family staying behind.
15.   Get all your cash out of the banks.
16.   Close all windows except one that is open that is inaccessible
17.   Stop all mail and news papers coming to the house, if there is time.

CLICK HERE  to get a PDF copy of this list